Dog Shelter


What is a Dog Shelter?

Dog shelters, or domestic animal shelters, are usually owned and operated by non-profit organisations dedicated to the care of lost and homeless pets. The shelters function is to take in pets that are lost and look after them until the owners are found, and to care for and try to rehome pets that have been abandoned or surrendered to the shelter by their owners, and lost pets that aren't reclaimed. Most shelters will make sure the pets they put up for adoption are thoroughly vet-checked and will desex, vaccinate, worm and temperement-test them before they become available for adoption.

Shelters provide secure accomodation, good quality food, veterinary care and appropriate husbandry for the pets while they are in their custody. The aim is to rehome as many unclaimed pets as possible, but sadly for a variety of reasons this is not always possible and some of the animals need to be put to sleep.

Animal shelters also frequently provide other animal welfare services to the communities they are part of, including education programs and the provision of affordable veterinary services.

One of the most important functions of the shelters is the matching up of prospective pet owners with the most appropriate pet. If you are looking for a dog, make use of the knowledge and experience of the shelter staff and volunteers to help ensure you make the best choice possible for yourself and the dog.