Dog Shelter


How you can help

The vast majority of animal shelters are run by non-profit organisations. For their survival they rely on the support of the public in the form of donations. Of course monetary donations are always welcome, but your local shelter may also appreciate contributions of pet food (pre-packaged), blankets, and other items for use at the shelter. Shelters usually have a list of needed-items so feel free to get in touch and see if there's anything you can help them with.

Many shelters are operated by animal welfare organisations that have opportunity shops to help raise funds. Donating good, clean, saleable items for the shops to sell can also be of great assistance.

Many such organisations rely on the efforts of volunteers to assist in the running of their shelters and related activities, so if you have some time available and feel you'd like to make a practical contribution to the care of the animals, give your local shelters a call and see how you can assist.

Of course the other way we can all help is to adopt our pets from the shelters when that time comes. Not only are you giving a needy pet a home, but you are also contributing to the work of the shelter.